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October 2014 Principal's Message

Please allow me the opportunity to officially welcome back all of our students and staff for the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Hopefully, everyone had a restful, relaxing and enjoyable summer and is now getting back into the swing of things with school routines. We had an excellent start up to our school year during the first week of school. The first month of classes has gone very well and our students have been very enthusiastic, productive and actively engaged in their learning. This is attributed to the fact that our administrative staff, student services personnel and administrative assistants processed over 300 timetable changes to accommodate the needs and requests of our students. Thank you to all of the staff that were involved in this process.

We have three new staff members joining our school this year. First, Ms. Mielke joins our Social Studies department as a recent graduate from the University of Alberta.  Second, Mr. Kocher is also a new teacher that recently graduated form the University of Lethbridge and will be teaching Sciences and Math. Last, we have Ms. McNorgan who joins us after recently teaching in High Prairie last year and will be teaching Social Studies and Art for us this year. Our Career Practitioner, Mrs. Brown will be leaving our staff at the end of September and Ms. McMillan will be moving from her Administrative Assistant role at our school to be our new career Practitioner. On behalf of the staff and students, I would like to welcome our new staff members to Wm. E. Hay and wish them the best of luck.
Our athletic teams are very busy with the Football, Volleyball, Golf, and Cross Country teams in full swing and starting off to hopefully what will be another strong year of athletics at Wm. E. Hay. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our coaches, including the many volunteer community coaches that are involved in our athletic program. Without their time, dedication, and commitment to coaching our young athletes, these programs would not be possible. Please check the calendar included in this mail out for times and dates of when our teams are competing.

Our High School Flexibility Enhancement Project that we were piloting for the last five years in our school is now officially over but as a school we are still continuing with all of the initiatives that were undertaken regarding high school re-design and trying to improve our delivery of the education to our students. I would like to once again remind parents that one of our major initiatives with our improvements is to engage our students with their learning and building relationships with their teachers and peers. Our students meet with their Teacher Advisors (TA's) every day. They meet with their TA's for approximately 40 minutes Monday to Fridays. This time will be used for the TA's to get to know their students, and will also include monitoring their attendance and academic progress. Also during this time, all students in our school will be working on developing their student portfolio, which is an exit requirement for all of our graduating students.  These five TA periods each week are mandatory blocks for all students and therefore their attendance is taken and will be monitored. We no longer have “Flex Time” as we have had in the past where all students were afforded the opportunity to move about freely to access help within the school. Our grade 9 and 10 students are going to be staying in their TA classrooms for all of their TA classes. Our grade 11 & 12 students will have the opportunity to still use the TA periods on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays as time to access teachers in the school to get any extra help if needed. This is still considered instructional time and as such students are not allowed to leave the school. If a grade 11 or 12 student has a spare at the end of the day and are involved in our Off Campus Education program they were allowed to apply for an exemption from TA classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If students get behind in their learning and are not handing their assignments in on time, they will again be assigned to the ZAP (Zero's Aren't Permitted) Room. However, the TA's will be working with students from their own TA classes first to try to get any uncompleted assignments turned in to them during the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday TA periods. If a grade 11 or 12 student was exempt from TA because of an Off Campus Program but are on the ZAP list with their TA, the student would be required to attend the TA classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until the assignment is completed. If the assignment is not completed within a week of the TA trying to get the students from their TA class to complete it, the student will be assigned to the ZAP Room at lunchtime which will be organized and run the administration of the school. If the assignment is still not completed in a timely fashion after being assigned to the ZAP Room, the TA Exemption from the student will be taken away and the student will be expected to be in all TA classes from Monday to Friday.

Again this year, all students are required to wear or have their student I.D's with them during the entire day. Students are asked to have their I.D. cards visible at all times. If students are found in the hallways during TA times without their I.D. cards, they will be directed back to their TA class. Also, please note that absences during TA Time will count towards students not being eligible from exempting their final exams.

On Tuesday October 7th we will be hosting our honors breakfast starting at 7:00 A.M. at the Stettler Community Hall. Invitations were sent out the third week of September and parents were asked to RSVP to ensure that the appropriate amount of food was ordered and cooked. Also on Friday October 10th we will be hosting our 2014 Fall Awards starting at 7:30 P.M. in the Performing Arts Centre. Invitations were also sent out in the third week of September and we are hoping that we have a great turnout of the students that are being recognized.

Finally, on Thursday October16th from 6:30 P.M. - 9:00 P.M., we will be hosting our Early Intervention / Meet the Teacher Night. We will be hosting this evening in our gymnasium again this year. Also, the week of October 13th- 17th our staff will be hosting Student Learning Conferences for our entire grade 9 and 12 students as well as any new grade 10 students to our school this year. All parents of these students should be getting a phone call, e-mail or letter to set up an appointment to meet with your child and their Teacher Advisor to discuss their progress thus far. These Student Learning Conferences will be held in the TA classrooms throughout the school during this week. All Student Learning Conferences for this semester are to be wrapped up by October 17th. If you are unable to meet with your child's TA from October 13-17, please call and let the TA's know so that an alternate date can be made.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Mr. Baharally, school principal, at 403-742-3466 or e-mail  

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