Registration for 2020-21

Due to the unique circumstances this year we will not be able to do a face to face presentation with all of our students and parents. We decided to still get the information out to you in a similar way by videoing the presentation.

Please watch the videos (there is one for Jr. high and one for Sr. high) and if you have any questions please let us know.

Students in Gr. 7-10 (next year) will register using the Google forms that have been sent to them (or link to them on our website) and the Gr. 11 and 12's will register using the form sent to them on their Google Classroom. Here is the link to the registration documents (including the videos):

Next year's Gr. 11 and 12 students please check the link in your Google Classroom for your forms.

The due date for all registration forms is April 17. As always, please email us if you have any questions.

Mr. Baharally

Mrs. Enyedy

Mrs. Lotoski

Or phone the school at 403-742-3466 during school hours.