Principal's Message - Feb 2020

I need to start this message addressing the tragedy that our school has experienced.  Mr. Jarmin was an Educational Assistant at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus who worked with our students primarily in Automotives and Fabrication.  Mr. Jarmin was a valued staff member and will be missed.

There are a number of different emotional responses to this loss.  Over the next few days and weeks, you and your classmates may react differently.  Please be considerate of each other and understand that loss and grief can be experienced in a variety of ways.  

To support you and your classmates, Wm. E. Hay has made FSL's available. During this week (and upcoming weeks) if you feel that you need some support, please come into the school and speak with one of the FSL's.  If you have a concern regarding a classmate, please let your teachers know and they will ensure the classmate is looked after.

If you wish, there will be a book of condolences in Student Services for you to write in.  This book will be given to the family. If you are unsure what to say the FSL's can help you with that.

In spite of this tragedy, the school continues to move forward.  I hope that all students were successful in passing all of their first-semester final exams and courses. It is hard to believe that we are halfway through the school year.  The students are settling into their new classes and environments with their new teachers and we are now underway with the start of the second semester.


I would like to thank our Student Services department, Mrs. Lovell and the vice-principals for all of their time spent accommodating our students with timetable changes so that our students were prepared to start semester two with a working timetable.  As we get started in semester two, I would like to remind parents that you need to call the school’s attendance line at (403) 742-3476 within 24 hours of your child being away so that their absence may be confirmed. This is crucial because a students’ time away from school could affect their learning and mastery of all of their curricular outcomes. 

With Grad 2020 fast approaching on June 27th, I would like to remind our grade 12 students that in order to be eligible for our graduation ceremony, there are some requirements that you must be fulfilling. 

  • Students must be in full-time attendance at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus or Stettler Outreach School or blended between the two schools (4 of 8 time blocks scheduled in the year or minimum of 2 of 4 time blocks in the second semester, if the student is a new registrant in Semester 2) 
  • Completion of 90 credits by the end of semester 1 of your Grade 12 year. 
  • You must have completed CALM, your Math at the 20 level, and your Science at the 20 level (basic requirement) by the end of semester 1 of your Grade 12 year. 
  • A second-semester timetable at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus or Stettler Outreach School or Blended between the two schools that will meet the Alberta High School Diploma Graduation requirements. 
  • All grade 12 students will have to present their student portfolio as a graduation requirement of Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus and Stettler Outreach School. 
  • Participation in the graduation ceremony and Grand March is voluntary and considered to be an extracurricular activity. As such, any student under suspension from school at the time of the ceremony will not be allowed to participate 

If you are enrolled in any of the Off-Campus Education Programs (Registered Apprenticeship Program, Work Experience or Green Certificate program), you must be turning in your timesheets on a regular basis to either Mrs. Spady or Mr. Baharally. Grade 12 students enrolled in these programs that are not bringing in weekly timesheets or not attending school regularly may be withdrawn from participating in our graduation ceremony.

All grade 12 students will be meeting in the gym on Monday, February 24th, during TA class (1:30 P.M.) regardless of if they are planning to be in our graduation ceremony or not this year. Grand March practices will be on Mondays during Teacher Advisor (TA) time and if students miss more than three Grand March practices, they will not be allowed to continue in the Grand March.  Graduation eligibility requirements will be monitored right up to grad time. 

There will be no school on February 13th and 14th due to Teachers Convention.  

Please make sure that your students’ account is paid in full. If you are unable to clear your accounts in full please call and speak to Mr. Baharally.

One last final note, a huge welcome back to Mr. Baharally!  The idiom goes, Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.  I can truly tell you my appreciation for Mr. Baharally has increased exponentially.  

Mrs. Enyedy

Acting Principal