Principal's Message - June

June 2018

It is hard to believe that the school year is just about over. It seems like only yesterday I was welcoming the students back for the year. However, with the end of our graduation ceremony you know that the year will soon be over. Regarding our Graduation, I would like to thank all of our staff and parent volunteers for their time, effort and patience in planning, organizing and executing such a huge event. It was great to be able to host our graduation ceremony in our gymnasium again after twenty years and as usual, our students were fantastic and everyone that was in attendance enjoyed the evening very much.

I am very excited and pleased to announce that Alberta Education is continuing to go forward with their High School Re-Design efforts at the provincial level again. What this means is that next year, our school, Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus will be able to continue to operate as we have for the last nine years with respect to organizing for instruction outside of the restrictions of the Carnegie Unit. The Carnegie Unit, which mandates that students receive 25 hours of face-to-face instruction to attain one credit, may not be meeting the needs of today’s 21st century learners. The elimination of the time-restrictions of the Carnegie Unit allows our school the freedom to implement best practices that enhance student learning and student engagement. With the removal of the Carnegie Unit, Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus will continue to explore various strategies in which high school education in Alberta is being organized and delivered to our students. We are still required to ensure that the curricular outcomes are achieved and that students have access to 1000 hours of teacher support each school year.

Some of the initiatives that we will be continuing with at our school in the fall of 2018 include our student assessment, evaluation and reporting practice. We have spent a lot of time reviewing literature and research surrounding best assessment practices over the last six years. As a result of our work our entire staff and school will be continuing to move towards a more formative way of assessing our students in the work that they are doing. With our re-configured school our assessment practice will again be one of our main priorities for next year and the years to come to be sure that our assessment practices are aligning from grades seven through twelve. We will also be continuing with our Collaborative Response Model (CRM) to be able to identify any students that may be struggling with their schoolwork and to provide supports to fill in the gaps in their learning needs. Along with these things we will continue to work on improving the results of our Diploma and PAT exam results. Last, we will be continuing with our work on improving student literacy and numeracy in our school and throughout our school district.

Our high school timetable has changed slightly just about every year for the last eight years since being a part of the High School Flexibility Enhancement Pilot Project and also because of listening to student voice and concerns. However, next year the timetable will be different because of two main factors that are beyond our control. First, two sets of instructional hours within one timetable (950 Hrs. Min. grades 7-9 and 1000 Hrs. Min. grades 10-12) that needs to be met and second, the sharing of staff and resources with three schools. Continuing again next year our Jr. High. Students will be organized in large academies by grade and will be taught their core subjects by teams of teachers. More information will be sent out at the start of the new school year to our grade 7-9 parents.

Continuing in September 2018, Clearview Public Schools will be entering into the twelfth year of embedded Professional Development for all of their teaching staff. Embedded Professional Development allows teachers in all Clearview schools, the opportunities to work with the same grade and subject colleagues to plan units, lessons and projects together. It also gives teachers an opportunity to share common assessments, evaluations, teaching strategies, best practices and resources within their areas of expertise. Also, next year our teachers will again be spending time understanding and implementing the Ministerial Order, Curriculum Prototyping and the Inspiring Education document. Our staff will also be continuing their work on Google Apps For Education (GAFE) in our classrooms as well as continuing with Project Based Learning, as part of the regular classroom-learning environment. Also, our school will continue with our school wide focus on improving the literacy and numeracy skills of our students. The days of our Divisional Collaborative times have changed slightly and now include full Professional Days in most months to allow our teachers more flexibility in how to use the collaborative Professional Days. Next year’s school learning calendar is also on-line on the Clearview Public School’s website and on our schools’ website outlining all of the Embedded Professional Days in which the students will not be required to be in school. Our school days will start at 9:00 A.M. and end at 3:15 P.M. Monday to Friday. A reminder and calendar of important school dates will be available at the start of the school year and also on our school website.

Diploma, PAT and regular finals will be starting soon. The Gr. 12 final exams begin on Thursday June 13th and continue until the end of June.  The last day of regular scheduled classes for high school students is Thursday June 21st and Friday June 22nd for Jr. High aged students. Please check the enclosed exam schedule for the dates and times of when your child is writing. Our exam schedule is also posted on our schools’ website. Most of the grade 12 diploma and grade 9 PAT exams will once again be written in our school in our high school Flex Space (Room 202, 204 and the Flex Room) as well as the Bi-Flex and Tri-Flex rooms in the Jr. High part of our school. All other exams will be written in the teacher classrooms, please check with your teacher to confirm the room that you will be writing in.

Please be aware that there will be NO school mail out in August.  Student timetables will be available to view and/or print from the Maplewood system in August. Timetable changes for students will be on Wednesday August 29th and Thursday August 30th between 9:00 A.M. and 3:30 P.M. Notifications and reminders will be sent out through our School Messenger, Remind, Facebook, Twitter, School Website as well as our new outdoor sign. School calendar magnets showing important school year events will be available again but will not be mailed out.  They will be distributed to students to bring home at the start of the school year as well as available to be picked up at our open house on Thursday, September 27th from 4:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

The first day back for grade 10,11 and 12 students is Tuesday September 4th, grade 7,8 and 9 students will return to school on Wednesday September 5th. The first day back for all students is Thursday September 6th. Our school picture day will also be happening on Thursday September 6th. Information from Lifetouch, our photography company will be available on our first day of school and on our website.

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at school or via e-mail at I hope everyone has a pleasant and relaxing summer vacation.

Mr. Baharally