Principal's Message - Sept 2019

September 2019 Principal’s Newsletter

  • I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back from summer holidays. Hopefully, everyone had a fun, enjoyable and relaxing vacation.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Aspenes on his new position as Principal of Donalda school and to Mr. Thibeau on his new position as a Vice Principal at the Stettler Elementary School. We would like to wish both of them the best of luck in their new roles.
  • We have hired one new staff member and have moved some staff internally to fill the vacant positions this year. I would also like to Mr. Ram to our staff this year, he will be teaching Science, Math and P.E. I would also like to welcome Mrs. Lotoski as a Vice Principal in our school this year as well as Mrs. Murat in her new role in Student Services.
  • Student timetables were mailed out during the summer and we had two days last week when students were able to come into the school to adjust their timetables to meet their educational needs.
  • This year we will be using a new Student Information System, PowerSchool. Students will get new timetables on their first day of school. All student passwords to access our network were also recently changed and new passwords will be given out on the first day.
  • These new passwords will enable students to login to their Google accounts as well as PowerSchool. Our old Student Information System, Maplewood is no longer in use.
  • Students will need to make sure that they have their new PowerSchool Username and Password login information to access our network and SIS.
  • There will be an e-mail going out early in September to parents regarding the use of PowerSchool and login information and instructions.
  • Student picture forms and information on our “KEV” system (Cash payment on-line), information on parent passwords for our Student Information System (PowerSchool), as well as your child’s report card if it was not picked up at the end of June will also be distributed in the first couple of weeks as we return to school.  
  • The staff of Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus is committed to a Teacher Advisor (TA) System as one of the foundations of our Educational Re-Design efforts and school philosophies as well as one of the fundamental educational principles of our school.
  • The primary goal of our Teacher Advisors is to provide each student a small group environment in which to explore topics relevant to success in a secondary school environment and also after graduating from high school.
  • Each student is a member of a TA group consisting of approximately 18-24 students from grade 7-12. The TA’s role is one of mentoring and advocating for the student. In addition, the TA will be responsible for monitoring the student’s progress in all subject areas, their attendance, assisting the students in their daily organization and helping them set realistic goals leading to the completion of course work and the attainment of their high school diploma.
  • Our Teacher Advisor (TA) classes (grades 7-12) single graded and students are looped.  This means that your student will have the same TA for their entire high school education at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus.
  • Junior High TA groups are not looped, they will remain as single graded TA groupings for their entire year. Health and Mental Health related topics are a part of the Teacher Advisor Program as we transition between our Junior High and Senior High School at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus.
  • If parents or students have a concern with their TA, please make an appointment with our Student Services department to discuss your concern. Also, please remember that we would like to have you contact your students’ TA as a first point of contact if there are any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of their education.
  • Our TA’s should be contacting the parents of the students in their TA classes early in the school year. If you have not heard from your child’s TA before the mid point of semester one (middle of November) please feel free to contact them.
  • The TA Program at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus has been and is still a very successful program that we continually try to improve based on student, parent and staff feedback.  Our students can all benefit from the skills and attributes learned during these TA classes. This program does take time and energy, but the benefits to our students are enough to make it very valuable and worthwhile.
  • TA classes are a regular part of the school day for all of our students; therefore attendance is required and will be taken. Each Friday from 2:45 P.M. – 3:15 P.M. all students will be in a block of time called “Core Tutorial”. During this time, students will have the opportunity to catch up on homework, work ahead, study, move around the school to access help or attend a scheduled tutorial. This time is part of the regular school day and attendance will be taken.
  • Parental involvement is an important aspect of student achievement. Parents will be encouraged to maintain frequent contact with their student’s Teacher Advisor and teachers in a partnership, which has as its major focus, the progress and well being of each individual student.
  • Students need to be in attendance at school and we would like to work with you to be sure that your student is making attendance a priority in order to give them the optimal chance to be successful. 
  • If your student is planning to drive to school this year, they will need to register their vehicle with Cst. McNickle, our School Resource Officer (SRO). There will be no parking fee for the year, all that we ask is for students to register their vehicle and that they help to keep our parking lot free of litter and garbage.
  • School will start with an orientation on Tuesday, September 3rd for Grade 10,11 and 12 students and Wednesday September 4th for Grade 7, 8 and 9 students. 
  • On these days, students will gather in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) starting at 8:55 A.M. to meet their Teacher Advisor (TA) and to complete the orientation and registration process.
  • If you are new to our school, you should find out who your TA is before entering the PAC. You will find lists posted in the hallway outside of the main office, which is located at the North end of the school adjacent to the PAC.
  • All students will be in school together starting on Thursday, September 5th, for the start of regular classes. Picture Day for all students will also be on Thursday September 5th.
  • There is a supply list for our Grade 7-9 students.  These lists are posted on our schools’ website  Junior High students will also be receiving course outlines on the first day of school and students should have basic school supplies with them on the first day.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime throughout the school year by phoning (403) 742-3466 or by e-mail

Thank you,

             Mr. Baharally